Brown Bag Specials at Abilene Public Library

The Abilene Public Library announces the summer schedule of Brown Bag Special Documentaries, beginning on Tuesday, June 6th at Noon. Each film will start at noon, and is approximately 50 minutes in length. Attendees are invited to bring their sack lunch. These events are free and open to the public.

June 6 The Shakers – Learn about this unique American religious group

June 13 Pompeii – Digging for the Truth

June 20  Return of the Buffalo – Restoring the Great American Prairie

June 27 Men who Built America – Taking the Whitehouse  – History Channel’s popular mini-series

July 11 Men who Built America – The New Machine –  Henry Ford featured in this episode

July 18 Secrets of the 6 Wives – Divorced –    Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII

July 25  Secrets of the 6 Wives – Beheaded, Died –  Anne Boleyn & Jane Seymour, the 2nd & 3rd wives of Henry VIII


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